Building a better future together

The Supreme Buddha’s life and teachings have inspired many around the world to be kind hearted and generous individuals. A random act of kindness by one person can be the catalyst for positive change in the world. As a first step 2% of all Ceybooks sales go towards supporting for “Pure Water for All” charity project

About Pure Water for All

“Pure Water for All” charity project which was initiated and being implemented by Shraddha TV with the collaboration of the University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) and Civil Security Department in Sri Lanka.  

The cause of this Chronic Kidney Disease (CKDu) is the consumption of polluted hard water over long periods of time (10 to 15 years). This has been experimentally proven by several types of research. Under this project, we established water purification plants with Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology which could remove harmful chemical elements in contaminated drinking water of diseased prevalent areas and purify polluted water. More Details